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Platinum Wave: franchising year in review

It's been a busy year here at Platinum Wave, our busiest so far actually!

Out in the industry, post-pandemic, there’s been a clear surge in interest in self-employment through franchising as a means to securing a more balanced lifestyle. Businesses across a very wide selection of sectors are also starting to explore franchising as the best method of growing their brands nationally and internationally.

Here at Platinum Wave, we've seen an exciting mix of household names, and household names of the future, come on board with us. 2022 has brought us amazing opportunities to spread our wings beyond the UK and become a truly global partner in franchising. We're super excited to be going into 2023 with 11 brands from the food sector alone - the diet will have to wait until 2024!

Our recruitment division has had its best year ever, with more than £50 million of deals brokered between franchisors and franchisees!

We have been delighted and humbled to be recognised for a number of awards this year, including EWIF Service Provider of the Year & Ambassador of the Year 2022, and Collaboration Award winner at the BWS Awards!

We have expanded our team numbers into double figures with the fabulous Sarah McLean now working closely with Suzie to expand our consultancy and mentoring services (and an exciting new service stream coming in 2023... watch this space!) for new franchisors.

And what does Suzie think 2023 holds for the franchising industry?

“I think that the worse the external economic factors are, the more reasons there are to choose franchising over setting up a new business by yourself. To be clear, there’s never a good time to buy a bad franchise, or one you are completely unsuited for – but if you really want to break out of employment and do something for yourself, then franchising is the way to go.

There has been a lot of talk about a ‘great redundancy’ around the world, which seems to suggest that after the trials and tribulations of Covid, there has been a big shift in mindset around how we want to spend our working lives. Instead of businesses fearing the potential loss of employees, they should be thinking of taking advantage of it through franchising!”

We couldn’t agree more, so if you want to get more from your 2023 through franchising, we’d love to help!

Wishing you and yours a fabulous festive break and a very Happy New year.

Team PW


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