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Alan Davison
Graphic Designer

Al is our resident graphic design hero and part time Rock Star. He’s spent the last 25 years making people and businesses look amazing in images, video and print and is quite the artist with a few very high-profile customers!


With so much time and effort put into crafting your sales and marketing messages, Al will make sure they look amazing too. How many potentially great opportunities do we all scroll past if there isn’t a striking image to slow us down and grab our attention?

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About Alan

Here are some of the many things Al can help you with:


  • Graphic Design

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Branding

  • Creation of logo suite for every purpose and platform

  • Franchise prospectus design

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Original Soundtracks

  • Illustration



When it’s time to shake up how your brand looks to the world and leave your competitors unable to keep up, it’s time to call Al. Please, just don’t tell him you have a wee 5 minute job for him...​​


Get in touch with Alan to discuss graphic design

0131 210 0351

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