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Why is investing in a good franchise brand such a great alternative to starting your own business from scratch?

Many people dream of being their own boss one day, but the generally accepted failure rates of new independent business start-ups (typically, more than 80% will fold in the first 5 years) reflect just how difficult that dream can be to fulfil. There are many reasons for these disheartening statistics: some people just aren’t suited to it; perhaps their idea wasn’t good enough; maybe they got the branding wrong; perhaps there was never a market for the product or service in the first place?

However, franchising can offer a pretty fantastic solution to many of these issues.

Firstly, the business has already been proven as a success. A great business idea has been developed, a brand has been established and marketed, and the business model has been proven to be profitable. Secondly, the franchisor with the great business idea and proven business model will be offering you training and support to ensure you have the greatest possible chance of making the business work. They profit when you profit, so you could say they are highly invested in your success. When the right franchisee finds the right franchisor, along with hard work and dedication, both parties can enjoy major success and develop a long and fruitful franchise relationship



We have other brands we can talk to you about if you don't see what you're looking for here - so get in touch and tell us what type of franchise you are interested in 

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