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platinum wave can help franchise your business
Franchise Your business services

Want help to franchise your business and get it right first time?

Platinum Wave is a fully independent franchise consultancy firm accredited by the British Franchise Association. Our team can help you franchise your business at every step on the journey. We also run online franchise your business seminars for aspiring franchisors which are free to attend.


So what are the first questions that need to be answered before you embark on becoming a franchisor? 


  1. Do you have a proven and profitable business?

  2. Do you operate in a sector with longevity?

  3. Can you protect your brand?

  4. Can your business be replicated by someone else with the right training, support and tools? 

  5. Are you sure you really want to do this? It doesn't all happen without you - you need to become a full time, franchisee supporting, network building, franchisor. 

Expanding your business with Platinum Wave makes your team pretty much unstoppable. We can help you:

  • Research your market and competition

  • Assess the potential for a new entrant

  • Establish your business model

  • Identify your ideal franchisees

  • Determine the financials

  • Build a strategy and a timeline

  • Develop your marketing

  • Fine tune your branding

  • Introduce you to the people and resources you’ll need 

We start by conducting a Feasibility Study.

Step 1 – The Feasibility Study
The report will provide recommendations as to how your franchise proposition should be structured for key UK markets:

  • help you to determine appropriate franchise fee structures highlight the key legal and operational documents and systems required to franchise

  • provide advice on your franchise start up package

  • provide advice on your franchisee training and support programmes

  • provide advice on improvements to your operational processes & systems, supply chain & logistics, franchise territory mapping, franchisee profiling and much more!

One Off Project Fee (POA) 50% payable upon commencement, 50% on completion.

Step 2 – The Build Stage

  • Monthly Support Retainer for 6 months (POA)

  • Legal Documentation: Non Disclosure Agreement; Deposit Agreement; Trademark Agreement and Franchise Agreement

  • A very deep dive into all the work noted above (we'll give you a precise breakdown in your personal proposal document - you'll be pleased to hear that we shun the copy and paste approach to consultancy!)

Step 3 – Your Franchise Operations Manual

We will:

  • Spend time with you onsite to understand your operational processes

  • Review your existing Franchise Operations Manual

  • Develop any additional sections required of your Franchise Operations Manual until fit for purpose

  • We will require a level of operational input from you/your team in order to complete the franchise operations manual

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