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Want to really drive performance right across your network? Every franchise network is made up of individuals who are all at different stages of their franchising journey. It is vital that each individual is given the right attention, at the right time. We work with our clients to ensure that they have both the procedures in place to identify what is needed, and the capacity to provide this support to their network on an ongoing basis. In most cases, that additional capacity is provided directly by us.

Platinum Wave can offer you and your network:

  • One to one business mentoring

  • Group training sessions on specific topics

  • Business performance reviews

  • Marketing strategy sessions

  • Leadership training

  • Motivational coaching

  • Sales Workshops


The same is true of the franchisor of course. Each franchise brand is on its own journey and will require different types of support as it faces its own challenges with growth, competition, motivating established franchisees out of their comfort zones or getting new franchisees off to a running start.


We become a part of your team and provide that all important extra pair of hands right when you need them.

“Working with Suzie and Platinum Wave has been invaluable to the growth of Razzamataz Theatre Schools, they have strengthened our network offering support in many areas of our business including improving motivation within our network, mentoring and creating a great community spirit. They are an integral part of the franchise support team.”

Denise Hutton-Gosney, Razzamataz Theatre Schools

To discuss your requirements please contact us:

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