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BFA advisor

Andy McCarroll
Communications Director
& Head of Marketing

Andy joined Platinum Wave Franchising in 2012 and works closely with Suzie on all aspects of the business. With 25 years sales and marketing experience (13 dedicated to franchising), Andy’s core strength is creating the strategies and marketing materials brands need to attract the very best franchisees to their network.


An accredited bfa advisor, you'll be blown away how quickly Andy’s team will revolutionise the way in which you engage with your audience across every platform.

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About Andy

As an experienced copywriter, Andy’s words have appeared in pretty much every franchise publication and website around, and the franchise prospectuses and case studies he produces for our clients play a very big part in their recruitment success. He’s been known to sprinkle a little magic on award entries from time to time too...


Having worked on campaigns with several household name brands and led many a sales team into battle with new products in new territories, Andy’s breadth of experience means he’s a regular source of light-bulb moment ideas at meetings – so we always recommend inviting him!


As the former business development manager for the British Franchise Association, Andy is passionate about ethical franchising and helping develop models that provide the ultimate win win relationships for franchisor and franchisee.

This year Andy was honoured to be invited onto the Judging panel for the 2023 British Franchise Awards, hosted by The British Franchise Association and HSBC.


Get in touch with Andy to discuss the possibility of franchising your business, digital marketing & communications strategy or for help to find inspiration!

0131 210 0351

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