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Fast Growing QSR

German Doner Kebab compares to a typical late night kebab takeaway in much the same way that a Michelin Star dessert compares to a chocolate bar; we have taken a humble and often maligned product and turned it into a highly desirable, fresh, purchase that customers are loving all over the world - join us!

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QSR & Takeaway legend!

A global super-brand that needs no introduction, The Wendy’s Company is seeking experienced, well capitalized multi-unit franchisees to help drive organic growth in Europe and South America. The Wendy’s Company will lead brand execution and innovation, and provide in-market support to all Franchisees to help ensure long-term success. 

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Coffee & Bakery

With locations in Canada, Mexico, Australia and the Middle East, we are seeking master franchise partners for a number of international territories. Cinnzeo combines a solid operational model and passion for making great coffee with an instore bakery that practically hugs customers in off the street with the warm aromas of cinnamon and fresh baking dough.