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Want to take your franchise to exciting international markets?

PW Founder Suzie McCafferty’s own journey in franchising starting by building her own retail brand from a single store in Edinburgh to a network of over 70 outlets in six countries including the Middle East and Caribbean.

When it works, franchising your business internationally can bring an abundance of rewards. Of course, there are some well-worn tales out there of how international expansion can go badly wrong, even for well-established and successful brands.


The key is:

  • Planning

  • Extensive Research

  • Having trusted contacts in the markets you’re targeting

  • Knowing how to recruit the right person (first time) to become your Master Franchisee, Regional or Area Developer​

As with any project, we can work with you in a variety of ways. From taking on the role of international development manager for your brand, to being invaluable team members with a wealth of experience to help guide you safely through the process. As well as helping prepare your business to go overseas, we can also design and manage your international recruitment marketing campaign to ensure you find the right people to launch your brand to in each new territory targeted.

Our clients also benefit from our considerable experience in head-hunting the best talent in a particular country, which is an extremely effective method- and we know how to do it properly!


The subject of International franchising is huge – if this is something you are seriously considering, then please get in touch and utilise our experience. We know how to do it for others because we've done it for ourselves!

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"Suzie and the Platinum Wave team have been a important part of our GDK family since the beginning and are instrumental in our continued international success!"

Imran Sayeed, Global CEO, German Doner Kebab

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Want to talk franchising?

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