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Jackie Roberts
Franchise Recruitment Manager

Jackie loves to talk. She’s exceptional at it, actually. That’s why she’s the perfect member of the team to take the lead in following up enquiries for our franchise recruitment clients. But there’s much more to Jackie than charming chat – she has spent more than 25 years in recruitment, sales and coaching sectors and brings a professionalism to representing our client’s brands that is nothing short of exemplary. 

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About Jackie

Every franchise should have a Jackie to speak to their prospective franchisees – and now you can!

The best talkers in the world are actually the ones who understand the importance of listening, and Jackie knows how to ask questions that deliver answers full of quality information. It's this information that allows us to properly qualify a candidate's suitability for your brand, and ensure that they move through the recruitment process efficiently when they meet the criteria - and don't progress through it, wasting your time, if they don't. 

The queen of our contact management system, Jackie will ensure your monthly recruitment reports are both a work of art and straight to the point.

Always across her brief, if you forget anything about your franchise opportunity, just ask Jackie.


Get in touch with Jackie to discuss franchisee recruitment.

0131 210 0351

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