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QSR & Takeaway

A global super-brand that needs no introduction, The Wendy’s Company is seeking experienced, well capitalized multi-unit franchisees to help drive organic growth throughout the UK.  The Wendy’s Company will lead brand execution and innovation, and provide in-market support to all Franchisees to help ensure long-term success. 


Bar & Restaurant

Whether you’re looking for an exciting new franchise brand to add to your existing food service portfolio, or you have great sites with underperforming restaurants you’d like to replace, you’ve found the perfect multi-revenue stream business model in Monterey Jacks!


Bar & Restaurant

The fact that our dine-in restaurants attracts such loyal regular guests, and our home delivery service has been a huge favourite for years is why Tony Macaroni is perfectly placed to continue outperforming other more cumbersome brands through the current hospitality climate and on into the future.

QSR & Takeaway

German Doner Kebab compares to a typical late night British kebab takeaway in much the same way that a Michelin Star dessert compares to a chocolate bar; we have taken a humble and often maligned product and turned it into a highly desirable, fresh, purchase that customers are proud to be seen enjoying day and night.

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Coffee & Bakery

With locations in Canada, Mexico, Australia and the Middle East, we are seeking a master franchisee for the UK. Cinnzeo combines a solid operational model and passion for making great coffee with an instore bakery that practically hugs customers in off the street with the warm aromas of cinnamon and fresh baking dough.

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Waterless CarWash

With 35 sites we are the largest operator of 100% waterless hand car washing and valeting centres in the UK.  We are located in fixed branded locations in many of the biggest and best shopping centres, shopping parks and retail destinations in the UK...

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Mobility Retailer

Ableworld are the largest mobility retailer in the UK, providing quality products and services to the ever-growing elderly and disabled market.

Valued at around £1.5 billion annually, the mobility retail sector is set to expand dramatically as UK’s population is living longer and demanding a greater quality of life.

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Cleaning +++

In a nutshell, Room To Breathe provides safer, healthier environments not only for those who suffer from hypersensitivity, but for the majority of us insisting on the comfort of absolute protection against the dangers of viruses, toxins, pathogens and microbes – now more than ever before.

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no showroom!

With 20 years of expertise in designing, supplying and installing kitchens across France and a network of over 100 franchisees, the RAISON Home company has started expanding its operations across Europe and has global aspirations.  

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Home Care 

Right at Home UK is at the forefront of the fast-growing homecare market, specialising in private care which goes the extra mile. Our management franchise opportunity provides business owners with a fully supported, highly profitable venture into care.

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Kids Activity

Razzamataz Theatre Schools is a part-time, weekend performing arts franchise that attracts franchisees from all walks of life. The only thing franchisees need to have in abundance is a love of inspiring young people and a passion for performing arts.

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The Purple House franchise model is designed to help qualified clinical psychologists launch a thriving local practice of their own. We give you the blueprint of how we launch and build our clinics and a dedicated team supports you every step of the way to help you succeed.