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Steve Lampshire
Director of Recruitment

Sightings of Steve not talking on the phone are extremely rare. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of every franchise brand we represent, and nothing makes him happier than engaging serious prospects in conversation about them. Actually, closing the deal between franchisor and franchisee is what makes him happiest of all.


With a15-year corporate career in banking, and an impressive business portfolio of his own, Steve has credibility with everyone he builds relationships with. That’s why he can conclude QSR development deals worth tens of millions one day and sell a lifestyle franchise the next.

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About Steve

To those in the know, Steve is very much the go-to guy for matching HNW multi-site multi-brand operators, Master Franchisees and Area & Country Developers, with ambitious franchise brands looking to expand across the UK.


He’s also one of the most personable people you’ll ever meet, which goes some way to explaining why many of the highest profile franchisees in the country will always take his call. With Steve, integrity, doing things the right way and treating people with respect and decency are key values. You really couldn’t hope to find anyone better suited to represent your brand and reputation.


Steve is also Director of Franchise Moves, our in-house concierge style franchise recruitment agency that specialises in finding you the perfect candidates for senior roles at your franchise. Steve’s crack team of head-hunters place talented individuals from Operations Managers to Franchise Directors to CFO’s every month. Discretion is a given, so perhaps you’d like to chat to them about your own career aspirations in confidence?


In summary, if you want the very best in franchise recruitment support, speak to Steve.


Get in touch with Steve to discuss franchisee recruitment, Franchise Moves and executive recruitment or to find the perfect franchise for you to run yourself!

+44 (0) 207 438 2097

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