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Jill Kelly
Marketing Consultant

Jill brings over 20 years’ experience in branding, marketing and digital communications to her role on the PW marketing team. Her previous career included working for organisations in the interiors, architecture, law, property, education, charity, infrastructure, therapy and life coaching sectors. And she started her own business and qualified as a Yoga instructor too. Possibly that explains why Jill can work at such a pace yet always remain relaxed?

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About Jill

Jill has created a number of market successful brands for clients, walking them through concept creation to distribution rollout and audience growth, so we knew she would be perfect to work in franchising!


Jill’s specialisms include website development, SEO, branding, copywriting, marketing audits, and every form of digital communication you can think of.


Basically, Jill will help you take a fresh look at audience engagement and bring creative colour to your communications. And if you like, improve your posture and breathing...


Get in touch with Jill to discuss digital communications such as social media marketing, website content, e-newsletters and content marketing.

0131 210 0351

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