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Platinum Wave Franchising and 30 Minute Hit to deliver a knockout UK launch

Platinum Wave Franchising has announced it is now working in collaboration with 30 Minute Hit to help bring the highly successful North American gym brand to the UK.

Established in 2004, 30 Minute Hit is a boxing/kickboxing circuit based fitness program which empowers women and is available across the globe with classes available in Canada, US and Saudi Arabia.

The program utilises two-minute rounds based on boxing, kickboxing, general self defence, and core stability training to reward members with amazing fitness results. The UK is now getting the chance to take part in the feel-good fitness program with 30 Minute Hit officially launching across the nation.

Platinum Wave Director of Franchise Recruitment, Steve Lampshire, said:

“We are thrilled to announce our exciting recruitment partnership with 30 Minute Hit as it arrives in the UK. It is an exciting game-changing brand to work with not only due to its wide appeal as an inspiring fitness program but also with its rapid global growth as a women’s fitness franchise.“30 Minute Hit is also one of the lowest startup costs in the fitness franchise industry, comes with a quick ramp up period and the potential for great financial returns.There is no need to have a background in self defence, martial arts or boxing either to become a franchisee - you just need to be a confident person–everything else they can teach."

30 Minute Hit Director of International Franchise Development, Robert Button said:

“It is a huge step forward for the brand to be launching in the UK but one that we are delighted to make as 30 Minute Hit continues to expand worldwide.“The circuit training program offers flexibility for our members to train when they arrive, no need to prebook a class and the circuit gives countless training options to keep things fresh, fun and empowering, amazing trainers, a communHITy and a safe inspiring environment all combine to make our program the best 30 minutes of your day.

We cannot wait to bring this experience to the UK and our recruitment collaboration with Platinum Wave will ensure that we can reach as many people as possible across the nation. It also provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are interested in a low cost and rewarding franchising brand to get involved at the base level UK launch for what we believe will be the fastest growing female fitness franchise on the market.”

Franchising in the UK is an industry on the rise, with the latest economic figures showing that the UK market is currently worth £18bn and is expected to grow to £20bn by 2024. In amongst that growth are a number of positive trends including almost a third of all franchisees in the UK being under 30 and more women are taking up investment opportunities than ever before.

Steve Lampshire lauded the fitness brand for its work empowering women and hopes to see 30 Minute Hit continue to inspire positive and progressive franchising trends.

He added: “We are seeing a number of fantastic trends in franchising at the moment including more women than ever being involved in the industry, with recent figures from NatWest showing that women make up 37% of UK franchisees. 30 Minute Hit gives another great platform to continue that trend and is the perfect franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to build a business that helps and empowers women.”

Find out more and enquire about the 30 Minute Hit franchise opportunity here.


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