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Introducing Turner Swim!

Updated: May 1

Every so often a franchise opportunity comes along that fills a gap in a market,has few competitors, has a great model for replication and can be set up quickly by new Turner Swim!

Turner Swim was founded in 2013 by former Great Britain water polo team member, Andrew McAllister. The business specialises in providing high-quality swimming instruction to adults in luxury venues. Demand for classes around the UK is high, so Turner Swim established its franchise model to provide anyone passionate about swimming teaching the perfect opportunity to build a successful business in this unique sector.

Andrew saw a gap in the market to deliver high-quality, one-to-one swimming teaching to adults in luxury locations. Turner Swim was born. Gradually the business grew from Andrew operating by himself from a single location, to having multiple instructors employed around the country all using his methods.

Andrew has since spent a decade establishing and documenting the processes of building and running a profitable adult swimming business. He has created extensive swim programmes that have delivered exceptional results for many thousands of clients. He has developed finely tuned models not just for instructor training, but also for marketing, booking systems, customer service, human resources, health & safety and client retention - a complete and proven business blueprint.

If you would like to follow in Andrew’s footsteps and build a highly rewarding and sustainable swimming teaching business, a Turner Swim franchise will give you all the tools you need. Best of all, is that in becoming a franchise owner, you enjoy all the benefits of being your own boss and building a business, but with a proven operating model, reputable brand and first-class training and support every step of the way.

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