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New franchise restaurants opening for food and QSR brands show ongoing expansion

You might think it's a time to be cautious, what with all the doom and gloom in the news. But for established brands with profitable businesses, it's business as usual. They are seizing the moment to grow, innovate and move forward!

You may have heard the stats about new franchise businesses having remarkably higher success rates than new independent businesses. 93% success rate in fact. And there's a reason for that. The established brand, processes, tried and tested methods and marketing messages, and all of the operational support that comes with a franchise, make it one of the most sound investments you can make.

Take Wendy's one of the biggest US food brands. Their first UK drive-through recently opened at Brampton Hut, owned and operated by franchisee Blank Table.

Monterey Jack's is going from strength to strength with the opening of their Braehead franchise - their 9th restaurant in the UK and with more in the works.

Choppaluna have just opened in Holborn and have a new Hero Brands champion working with them to drive the franchise forward.

Island Poke is to launch on London's Portobello Road in March 2023, and have had plans approved for a location in Edinburgh.

GDK have just announced a new location in Bracknell, and has expansion plans in the UK and globally, with 700 franchisees already signed-up to its growth strategy.

It's been a busy year so far, and it's only February!

Fancy taking on a franchise?

For information on any of the franchise opportunities above, click on the brand name or head on through to our UK Franchise Opportunities page.


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