Premier – The UK’s number 1 sport and physical activity franchise

Premier is the UK’s Number 1 Sport and Physical Activity franchisor and a European Top 500 franchisor. We deliver over 30,000 Sport, Physical Activity and Health & Well-being activities every year, and we are the only full member of the BFA in the sports franchising sector. Our proven franchise model focusses on supporting and developing franchisees to achieve their personal goals, with one due to turnover more than £1.8 MILLION this year.

We are extremely successful and so are our franchisees.  In fact, 65% of the entire network has been operating their business for more than five years or more and one franchise owner has already generated more than £1 million turnover so far this year (Sep-May). This demonstrates the maturity and scale of Premier Sport's model, providing our franchise owners with a market-leading return on their investment.

In the right pair of hands this phenomenal business model could create the same levels of success, if not greater, in an new international market like Canada, Australia, New Zealand or The Middle East for example.


Support and Training


As part of the Master Franchise package Premier Sport provide our Master Franchisees with training and support in 2 distinct areas:


  • provision of sports training and education to school children as provided by your franchisees – in other words, the Premier Sport Delivery model


  • the tools required to help you to select, train and develop your franchisees and network – in other words, the Premier Sport Franchise model


An intensive period of training is delivered in the UK with classroom and practical training sessions at the Premier Sport Global Head Office and training Academy and on location at franchisee owned and operated classes.


The Investment


A Premier Sport Master Franchise agreement offers the opportunity for a company or individual to purchase the rights to operate their own managed operations as well as sub-franchise the Premier Sport brand and business concept within a specified region.


As a Master Franchisee, you will pay an upfront Initial Master Franchise Fee for the rights to operate in your designated country or territory.


You will generate revenues from:


  • Profits from your company owned operations

  • A % of the sale of franchises to others in your territory

  • A % of the on-going revenues generated by your franchise network


Master Franchisees will require sufficient working capital to invest in the initial Master Franchise license as well as the resource to set up your head office operations and build and promote the Premier Sport brand and your franchise network in your region.


License fees will vary and will be based on the specifics of each region and the market potential therein.



Next steps...

As we have demonstrated conclusively in the UK, Premier
Sport has the streamlined business systems and training
and support structures in place to create a hugely successful franchise operation that not only creates wealth and enormous satisfaction for both franchisor and franchisee, but also provides an invaluable service to generations of children that enriches their lives in incredibly positive ways.


If you would like to replicate this incredible success in your own country and would like further information or to arrange an informal conversation, then please contact us today so we can provide you with all the information you need!