Episode one of People in Franchising now launched

Updated: Jun 19

We’re delighted to launch our new podcast, People in Franchising. Now available to listen and download on itunes, Spotify & Deezer.

People in Franchising is brought to you by Suzie McCafferty, CEO at Platinum Wave Franchising and David Kaye, Partner at Harper MacLeod LLP law firm. People in Franchising brings together guests from across the franchising community to discuss the latest news and developments in our industry whilst sharing our insights and advice for franchisors, franchisees, entrepreneurs and the wider business world. Now more than ever, we need to come together as a community and build on the already outstanding support network in the franchising industry. Having recently launched our Franchise Advisory Board group and weekly call, we wanted to open up our expertise even further to the wider franchise and business community all over the world. People in Franchising aims to provide valuable insight, advice and interesting discussion from experienced franchise professionals to help support the community during this challenging time, and to thrive beyond it.

On the very first episode of People in Franchising, we introduce you to our hosts and welcome our first guest, Freddie St George, MD at Raring2go, a resource for families and children with 45 franchise units across the UK. We discuss the challenges of the current time and how Freddie has overcome these alongside the invaluable support of the franchise community.

We’re looking forward to releasing more episodes very soon, so stay tuned and remember to subscribe to our podcast to be notified of the latest episodes. If you enjoy People in Franchising, we would love for you to leave us a quick rating or review.

Listen to the first episode below, and remember to download and subscribe using the links at the bottom of this page.

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