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3 measures of a franchisees success

You can measure a franchisee’s success in three ways:

The first: Money.

· Are franchisees’ financial returns meeting their expectations?

The second: Happiness.

· Does the franchisee enjoy what they do – is there job satisfaction in the day to day? For example, if there is a ‘we really help people’ element to the product or service, do they feel they are achieving that – or just doing it for the money?

The third: Value in their ongoing relationship with you, the franchisor. Was & is it worth it - are they getting what they are paying for?

· Every month franchisees pay an MSF – do they feel the services and support they get are worth it, worth more or worth less?

The actual questions asked by the franchisor to the franchisee should of course carry a much greater degree of subtlety, after all it’s an interview not an interrogation. Equally, if your franchisees are reporting positively in all three areas, then that should give you some wonderful reassurance of your own that your franchise really does deliver for its franchisees!


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