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Founded by Brad Sugars, ActionCOACH is the world’s number one business coaching team and has 5-star franchisee satisfaction status for nine consecutive years having made a difference to thousands of businesses.


Because being in business should give you more life…

When you think about local business owners you know, the chances are that they set up their business because they were an expert in that field. Take PR agencies as an example, they are normally owned by people who are great at PR, but does that make the owner great at managing people, business development, managing finances, sales, marketing, and systems? Probably not… that’s where ActionCOACH comes into play.


The business coaching firm has more than 3,500 strategies and tactics to draw on, so you and your employed Action Coaches can confidently guarantee your business owner clients extra profits within six or 12 months and make a life-changing difference to their company by providing proven, expert business advice.

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In its most recent client survey of over 800 clients, 97 per cent said they would recommend ActionCOACH business coaching services and 97 per cent said ActionCOACH makes a positive difference to their business.


You and/or your employee business coach team will work with business owners, helping them in a wide range of areas, including teaching them how to increase their profits, develop powerful systems and how to build a strong team, in order for them to reach their business goals. The results are not only a more profitable and sustainable business but also a dramatically improved life for your client, making it fantastically rewarding and fulfilling – now more than ever we need to ensure everyone in the business community is made aware of this lifeline.


ActionCOACH is in the business of business growth, has developed the best business growth system in the world and has the best team in the world to support business growth… you can use that system and draw on that very same team to grow your own commercial, profitable enterprise which can work with or without you! Interestingly, most of its franchise partners can’t ever see themselves leaving, the business opportunity is just too fulfilling and enjoyable, but it’s nice to have the choice.


About You

Your track record of success may be in any field, but the ideal ActionCOACH franchise owner must possess a demonstrable love of learning and helping people succeed. If you’re awarded a coaching business franchise, you’ll be exposed to a world of knowledge, experience and an exclusive, guaranteed business model that’s pandemic and recession-proof, with the power to make a real difference to hundreds of people in your own exclusive area.


About the Franchise

In return for a £90k investment (licence fee, training fee and working capital), a franchise partner will get their own exclusive territory containing a range of prospective clients and the chance to build a scalable business opportunity earning £1m+ a year revenue with outstanding profit margins. You’ll need to buy into the ActionCOACH 14 points of culture and raise a personal contribution of at least £18,000 (up to 70 per cent of finance is available). In addition, potential franchisees will need to impress the directors with their past successes, desire to help others and appetite for personal development, learning and growth.


You and your team will receive world-class training from a proven brand in the franchise industry, with global, national and local support every step of the way. Plus you’ll gain access to over 3,500 strategies and tactics, guaranteed to make businesses successful, including your own, maximising your return on investment.


The full investment is £90,000 and includes the cost of the ActionCOACH franchise fee, training fee and working capital. For this, you will receive your own exclusive territory and the opportunity to build your own £1M+ a year revenue business with outstanding profit margins.


You’ll need to buy into ActionCOACH’s 14-point culture, raise a personal contribution of at least £18k (up to 70 per cent of finance is available).

Find out more

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