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Raison Home franchisee Tess tells us about running her design business and being part of the team

Tess Stobie is a franchisee for Raison Home covering the Salisbury, Bournemouth and Wimborne areas. Tess trained as an interior designer after a career in agency marketing. After working on several interior design projects she was looking for a way to increase revenue and build a more resilient business model. The problem-solving and designing crucial spaces like kitchens really interested her and so although not specifically looking for a franchise, when she found Raison Home it just made sense.

Why did you want to leave your previous position?

I worked in a marketing agency for many years overseas. After moving to Dorset, I wanted to change direction. I wanted a job that allowed me to set my own schedule and define my own work.

Why Raison Home?

If you want to set up a kitchen design business, you would go to a manufacturer and the first question they will have is “how big is your showroom”. As an independent business it’s hard to get terms and support you need. Being part of RH means I benefit from being part of Europe’s largest network of in-home designers. That brings support where I need it along with the independence I wanted.

It also gives me the freedom to find the right solution for each client. While I have relationships with several major manufacturers, if I need to find a different solution for a particular client I’m free to do that. I’m not tied to selling just one product.

How did you find the training?

The on-going training and professional development I find really valuable. I love having colleagues who all support each other: ask a question on Slack in within a moment you’ve usually got a host of solutions and ideas.

How are you finding your time in Raison Home, how was your first year?

The challenges of setting up a new business should never be underestimated. It takes determination, hard work and resilience. The support I get from RHUK and the network has been invaluable. The RHUK team there at the end of a phone or message. They are there to support and run ideas through with, brainstorm problems, celebrate successes and commiserate in times of disappointment and frustration.

What advice would you give for someone considering joining the Raison Home UK Team?

Lean in. The network is a much greater support than I envisaged and their experience means whatever the issue that might arise, someone will be able to solve it for you, or at least give you advice. Also, identify your strengths and play to them.

What does your average day look like?

The days and months are beginning to develop a pattern. Some days are out of the office, social and inspiring. Others are when I get my head down, music on, designing. My brain is always working and chewing over how to make a room better, make the layout smoother or more visually interesting. I’ve also found a supportive and productive networking group that I meet with every week. They not only support me in building my business but also they are a great sounding board for ideas, professional development and developing new partnerships.

How did you feel when you got your first sale?

I was elated! But then I still feel like this at every sale. It’s a huge compliment that clients trust me with their project. And a huge responsibility.

Interested in running your own interior design franchise? Find out more about the Raison Home opportunity here


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