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What's it like being a Heavenly Desserts franchisee?

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Being a Heavenly Desserts franchisee

The home of luxury desserts, Heavenly Desserts was established in 2008 and has been serving delicious delectable sweet treats in over 30 locations (and counting) across the UK and is expanding internationally.

So what is it like to be a franchisee?

Sagar Adi is now a mulit-unit operator with Heavenly Desserts in the UK.

“Our multi-site operation within Heavenly Desserts plays homage to the brands franchise business model, its flexibility and passion to deliver innovative and industry leading products.

Our family work together in franchise businesses we run, including Heavenly Desserts and

our previous franchise partnership with Papa Johns, and our strong family unit plays a critical

part in how we operate and develop as franchise business owners.

Our franchise journey with Heavenly Desserts began in 2020 when we opened our first

site in Coventry – three years down the line we’re now a multi-site operation with a store

launched in Glasgow City Centre late 2022 and another three stores in the pipeline.”

Ish Ahmed is also a franchisee, now running two successful sites.

“With no previous food and beverage industry experience, we opened two stores in two years within Greater Manchester, one of which launched amid the pandemic – despite this, this store has been hugely successful and extremely popular within a highly competitive area.

Everything about how Heavenly Desserts operates, and its robust franchise model, which is

continuously developed and streamlined to align with the fast-paced ever-changing industry,

is what you look for as a franchise business partner. This is all evident through the two

more stores we’re excited to have in the pipeline as we continue our franchise journey with

Heavenly Desserts.”

Want to find out more?

Heavenly Desserts are now looking for franchisees in a number of international locations: have a look at the opportunity and request your prospectus here


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