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Tapping into past experience for a better future

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

EWiF recognise the power found in women working together: #WeAreStrongerTogether.

But, did you know franchising is filled with incredible women from all walks of life? Women who took their dreams, and made them a personal success story.

EWIF recently featured a case study on Suzie McCafferty of Platinum Wave Franchising, which we are delighted to share here.

Suzie McCafferty founded Platinum Wave Franchising in 2010. Following almost a decade as a successful international franchisor, her mission is to bring the benefit of her personal experiences to entrepreneurs wanting a franchise consultancy, who could help them grow.

However, her journey to success wasn’t a smooth one. Especially as a young woman, and often the only female in the room, she started her franchising career at the young age of 23.

Read the full EWiF case study about Suzie McCafferty, CEO of Platinum Wave.

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