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Suzie is speaking at Franchise Fest 2020!

Franchise Fest is back for another year and we’re delighted that our very own Suzie McCafferty, CEO at Platinum Wave, is a key speaker at this year’s event!

Of course, things will be a little different this year and Franchise Fest won’t be held at Coombe Abbey like it usually is. Instead, it’ll be held online from the comforts of our own homes on Thursday 23rd July from 9:00am to 9:00pm. Nonetheless, it’s going to be just as brilliant, covering all things franchise growth related.

Franchise Fest Online offers the flexibility to maximise the training franchisors will receive from some of the biggest names in franchising. There’s nowhere better to access quality content from current leaders of both the bfa and the IFA. This year you don’t even have to travel to be there!

Suzie will be covering global domination and explaining top tips for franchisors with the travel bug. Along with Suzie, we’ll be hearing from other key speakers including: Red Boswell, President of International Franchise Professionals Group; Carl Reader, Chairman of d&t Financial Advisors; Adam Lovelock, Head of Online Marketing at Coconut Creatives and Co-Founder of Astonish Email; plus many more key industry professionals.

If you’ve felt in a slump over the past few months, Franchise Fest Online will drive the confidence and motivation back into you. This is a key industry event for learning important lessons in franchising for the growth of your franchise and knowing how to make key improvements to areas of your business and network.

To join in this year’s event, you can book your tickets here. We hope to see you there!


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