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We're Sponsors of Scottish Franchise Week!

Platinum Wave is delighted to sponsor Scottish Franchise Week, taking place in Glasgow on the week commencing September 9th.

Organised by the British Franchise Association, at the heart of the week is education both within the franchising community and also outside of it. The aims of the week chime with that of Platinum Wave, to help people understand the franchising landscape in Scotland and appreciate the opportunities available to them.

Furthermore, Platinum Wave CEO Suzie McCafferty is taking an active part in the events throughout the week, chairing the prospect franchisee and prospect franchisor seminars as well as the Scottish Forum, with a focus on the legal lifecycle, the opportunities available and to understand the industry at large. 

Suzie will also be introducing people at the speed sessions at the Business Breakfast at the Radisson Blu on 12th September, and will be avaialble after the breakfast to hand out expert advice and answer those burning questions! This event is followed by Franchise Opportunities, also sponsored by Platinum Wave, which gives franchisors the opportunity to talk to prospects and share the fantastic opportunities franchising has to offer across a variety of industries.

It was recently found that the Scottish franchising industry is on the rise, with the British Franchise Association predicting that the Scottish market will be worth £1billion by 2021. There has truly never been a better time to get into franchising!

If you're interested in finding out more about this lucrative industry, you can find out more about Scottish Franchise Week and get involved here.


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