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Opportunity isn't just's hitting!

Have we got an opportunity for you! 30 Minute Hit is a women’s only, express fitness programme combining boxing, kickboxing, self-defence, and core conditioning to create an efficient and rewarding workout. In just 30 minutes, members punch, kick, sweat, learn, and burn their way to results they never thought possible.

Launched in 2004 and with over 50 franchisees already spanning Canada, U.S.A. and Saudi Arabia, 30 Minute Hit is now looking for franchisees in the UK.

If you love to keep fit and want to create a successful business that helps people and provides a community for like-minded people, this may be the perfect franchise opportunity for you.


A 30 Minute Hit franchise offers:

  • Low start up costs and stable recurring income

  • Simple, proven business model in a booming GROWTH industry

  • Inspiring and rewarding environment

  • Flexible work/ life balance

Jodie Peck, successful franchisee in Canada says “Franchising is such an easy stepping stone into business, rather than starting at ground zero and having to do every single thing yourself. You get that big boost right at the beginning with incredible training and support from the franchisor to open and run what’s already a proven business model, even when it’s in a brand-new location.”

Find out more about the brand, the opportunity and whether it could be right for you by accessing the 30 Minute Hit Discovery Centre now. If you would like to discuss the opportunity further, please get in touch.


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