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Flexibility, growth and support from RAISON Home with Charlotte O'Neill

RAISON Home has a unique concept, ideal for franchisees who have a passion for interior design. With the opportunity to design for clients, with clients, in their own homes you can create the perfect solution for the way they live their lives.

Charlotte O'Neill is the Franchise Training & Development Manager at RAISON Home and in part two of this blog series, Charlotte explains the flexibility and support within this growing franchise network.

With you every step of the way

We really are with you every step of the way. We want to ensure you have a feeling of community and support from us and your fellow franchisee’s around you. We have an instant messaging system we use where everyone can talk. This is great to get to know everybody on a more personal basis and if you ever need anything someone is always on hand to offer some support.

We run weekly coworking calls on a monday. The aim of this call is to talk through what everyone has planned for the week and to see how we can help one another. We also work on these calls so if something pops up while you are doing something. We can answer those questions in real time.

Our internal drive is also a treasure chest full of every piece of information you would need. From your initial training documents, to price lists, photos for social media content and lots more! We also are completely honest about every aspect of our business. You will be able to see exactly where your fellow franchisee’s are in the way of turnover and leads. As well as seeing exactly where we are spending our marketing budget.

Nothing is too much trouble for us, we will always be willing to help.

Flexibility built in to the franchise concept

The biggest thing that sets the franchise apart from a standard role within the KBB industry is the flexibility. Having been part of the industry and being that person who has to request a weekend off 4 months in advance, the concept of taking time off when you want is a massive plus. The freedom to be in charge of your own diary, to be in charge of how busy you are makes the world of difference.

The work life balance that people often strive to achieve is something that is totally possible with this business. Whether you want to work around your family, or work all of the hours you can to buld you r business quickly, you can prioritise how you see fit. As you are in charge of your business you can prioritise yourself and your clients to suit you both.

The best part of prospecting is having one to one meetings outside of the group settings, this can be a catch up over coffee or a walk in your local park. Those relationships that you will build are key to your business success. People buy from people in any industry but in ours it is the most important aspect.

One other massive positives of the Raison Home concept is that you are in control of your own product, if we as a standard offering do not have something specific that a client is looking for, you have the freedom to outsource this. In a showroom, this isn’t the case. You therefore normally miss out on that item as part of your sale. With Raison you can include this in.

Scope for growth - an established brand

The scope for growth of Raison Home in the UK is massive, we are an international brand and the UK isn’t the last stop on Raison’s plan to conquer the industry worldwide. Every move is strategically thought through with plans in place to make our goals a reality.

We have targets on what we want to achieve within the UK and numbers to match. We won't overwhelm the franchise too quickly - instead we will make sure everyone is happy and supported and we will grow at a healthy rate.

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