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Sblended Milkshakes

Challenge your taste buds with millions of magical Milkshake moments. There’s a favourite Milkshake for everyone...whether that’s Jaffa Cake & Aero or Banana & Peanut Butter, the possibilities are literally endless!


The Franchise Opportunity


About the brand

Sblended Milkshakes is a milkshake bar with a difference. It stocks a vast array of popular confectionery products.


These are then mixed together with ice-cream and milk to make a unique and delicious taste experience. The range includes everything from a Daim Bar milkshake with a topping of Marshmallows, to a Banana and Snickers Bar milkshake with a topping of mini Oreos. There are literally thousands of possible combinations.

About You

As a single-unit Franchise Owner, the Franchise Owner will recruit and manage a small team of people. There are two options of franchise type, namely, the In-Shop Module or the Low Level Kiosk. The option chosen for any specific site location will relate to the requirements of the shopping mall or high street locations with respect to the space available.


Sblended Milkshakes as Franchisor will use their strong relationship with shopping mall & high street landlords to help in negotiating with the landlord and securing a suitable site location. Sblended Milkshakes are offering a truly business format franchise. In essence, the responsibilities of the Franchise Owner include:

  • Can relate well to people

  • Be comfortable in the management of staff

  • Have basic business skills

  • Be committed to delivering excellent customer service

  • Will follow the proven system per se

  • Be a business builder in attitude

  • Have the ability to finance the capital required


Deliciously tempting milkshakes

Challenge your tastebuds


Moovie Shakes

Try the "TOY STOREO" or the "MATWIX"

Sound good? Get in touch on 0131 374 2393 or request your prospectus for more information!