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Wellbeing in the workplace: Why it’s important and how to implement it in your franchise

If you could increase employee motivation and satisfaction in the workplace by 60% right now, would you? A study by Mind found that 6 out of 10 employees would feel more motivated and were more likely to feel positively about their organisation if they felt their workplace supported their wellbeing.

When we talk about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, what we really mean is the impact our place of work and company culture can have on our mental health. Considering how much time we spend at work, it makes sense. It’s often said that a happy workforce is a productive workforce. So, what can you do to implement wellbeing into your franchise workforce? It’s simple!

Allow flexible working

Over the past few years, there has been a slight shift away from traditional 9-5 working to a more flexible approach. Flexible working is simply offering flexibility over where, when and the hours employees work. It’s thought that this is an effective way to improve employee wellbeing, and many statistics certainly support this. According to CIPD UK Working Lives 2019 report, more than half of UK employees worked flexibly in some way in the last year, allowing them to take care of personal or family matters or increase their leisure time, and ultimately, this contributes substantially to their overall quality of life. Franchises can definitely benefit from offering flexible working too, as they are more likely to retain employees and attract more.

Focus on personal development

Do you want your workforce to feel confident, valued and empowered? As a franchise owner, it is up to you to help your team feel this way. Focusing on employee personal growth plays a huge role in wellbeing in the workplace as allowing your team to develop their skills will give them a greater sense of purpose and shows that their management is committed to supporting them. Offering fresh learning experiences is a particularly effective way to support personal growth within your franchise. These opportunities mix things up as they offer different learning experiences that are both interesting and engaging. Additionally, working on personal growth plans with your team is a useful way to set goals and actually achieve them. Ongoing training and development is key to creating a culture of personal development!

Develop a fitness initiative

Healthy bodies equal healthy minds. There are endless studies and statistics that prove just how effective regular exercise is for both the body and the mind, yet not everybody takes part in regular exercise enough to feel the benefits. According to a survey by Pure Gym, 35% of UK employees do not get adequate exercise. But it’s often the case that they simply do not have enough time due to work commitments. Developing a fitness initiative in your franchise is an excellent way to combat this. A fitness initiative could simply mean organising regular walks to work, encouraging your team to only use the stairs, or having sports and exercise equipment available for people to borrow. Many fitness experts also believe that working out in a team is great for team building and enhancing communication within the workforce.

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