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WealthBuilders Podcast: Franchising a business with Suzie McCafferty & Eddie Ray

Wealthbuilders podcast

Suzie was delighted to be asked to speak on the Wealthbuilders podcast, discussing her favourite topic - franchising a business!

In this week’s episode, franchising experts, Suzie McCafferty and business owner Eddie Ray are both interviewed.

Tune in to hear the benefits of franchising your business, the 12 month process that Eddie went through to get his business ready to be a franchise and how in doing so, he achieved massive business growth far quicker than expected.

Suzie discusses the importance of high quality systems and training when franchising and how you could use franchising to bring your brand into territories, where you don’t currently have the knowledge or connections.

"And what I proved with my own businesses that I franchised over the years is that if you set up really good systems and procedures, and provide really good training and support, and really provide a culture of collaboration, then you can actually have franchisees outperform anything you ever did yourself."

Suzie McCafferty, CEO at Platinum Wave


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