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Meet Sheena Mason-White, the Queen of Reinvention, and our next EWIF Scotland speaker!

Join us on 18th June at 10am to hear from our fabulous guest speaker, Sheena Mason-White. As The Queen of Reinvention, Sheena helps women understand their uniqueness and how to make their secret life come true!

Sheena is certified in Human Design and Emotional Intelligence.


"Women hire me because secretly, they know they’re capable of so much more, but either they don’t know what’s stopping them from taking the next move or they do and they’re ignoring their intuition.  


Is this YOU?


That’s totally normal. That’s where all my clients begin.


I like to ask challenging questions, so let’s start. 


  • Do you value yourself?


  • Do you fantasise about a different or much better life when you have space and time for yourself?


I’ve been here myself.


The Law of Attraction most definitely helped me examine behaviour and what I was attracting, but it wasn’t until I was introduced to Human Design that the magic happened. 


I began to see I wasn’t valuing my uniqueness.


I began to see I was hiding and keeping myself small. 


I began to see the life that I’d kept secret from others WAS how I was meant to be."


Join us on the 18th June to hear Sheena's story and get some tips on how you can love towards living your best life!


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