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A - Z of Franchising: Part 1 (A - I)

If you're a follower of Platinum Wave on Facebook, Twitter or Linked In, you may have noticed we have been running a series of educational A - Z Franchising posts. These range from information about International Franchising to Franchise Recruitment and everything in between. After all, we are experts in all things franchising, so thought we would put our knowledge to good use and create the A - Z of Franchising for all you aspiring franchisees and franchisors!

See the first part of our series below, going through letters A to I. We hope you learn a thing or two!

A is for Area Developer

An individual or company that has been granted an area development agreement from a franchisor, and has the chance to develop a network of their own managed outlets throughout a designated area. These outlets are company-owned rather than franchised.

B is for The British Franchise Association (bfa)

The bfa is the UK's accreditation body and trade association for ethical franchising. Platinum Wave are proud members of The bfa and are delighted to have worked closely with them over the years!

C is for Connecting

Finding the right franchise opportunity amongst such an endless stream of options can be really daunting without expert help. We have lots of experience helping successful individuals from the corporate world make the jump into franchising by connecting you with the right opportunities for you!

D is for Digital Marketing and Design

Our wide range of creative and tech services can help you expand, perfect and super-charge your marketing presence so you can attract, educate and retain the perfect franchisees for your network!

E is for Enjoy Being Your Own Boss!

We are on hand to provide expert advice to those looking to become a franchisor or franchisee. With the essential information and guidance needed to take the leap and get started, you can begin your franchise journey with the help of Platinum Wave and get it right first time.

F is for Flexibility

A lot of our franchising opportunities offer the flexibility of running your own business. Razzamataz Theatre School is a part-time, weekend performing arts franchise that attracts franchisees from all walks of life. For this opportunity, the only thing franchisees need to have in abundance is a love of inspiring young people and a passion for performing arts. Franchisees can work their own hours to suit their lifestyle and by being dedicated to their business, can reap the financial rewards. Get in touch to hear more about our flexible franchising opportunities!

G is for Growth

Are you looking to expand your franchise? We are experts in franchise growth and can help you find the right people to allow your business to flourish. Recruitment is hard, so let us do it for you with Franchise Moves, a new specialist recruitment agency for the franchising industry.

H is for Hook

Every business needs a hook! What makes your business attractive to potential franchisees? Platinum Wave can help you find your own unique hook, and help you start your franchise journey on the right foot.

I is for International Expansion

We help you take your franchise to exciting international markets. We know how to do it for others because we've successfully done it ourselves! If you are ready to take the leap into international expansion, talk to us.

Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 of A - Z of Franchising, coming soon!


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