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Are you a franchisor? Join us on the Franchise Advisory Board!

Are you a franchisor? The Franchise Advisory Board (FAB) is a group of likeminded franchisors, industry experts and guest panelists that get together every month to talk about all things franchising.

Why not join us? There is no cost involved to attend the FAB events, just book your ticket, and show up or log on!

All franchisors and their senior teams are welcome to this FREE monthly session on all things franchising. As well as being joined by our usual panel of experts in legal, employment law, finance, accounting and franchising, it is a fabulous opportunity to network with your fellow franchisors across a whole range of sectors.

How to join

To keep up to date with the latest events, you can join the FAB facebook group here

If you are more of a LinkedIn fan, there is also a FAB Linkedin group you can join

All of the monthly FAB events are posted on eventbrite where you can book your free ticket.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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