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Peninsula is the UK’s most trusted business advisor for HR, employment law and health & safety. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve worked with many franchises and we understand the importance of compliance, standardisation, and consistency across your franchise network.


As an employer, employment law, HR and health & safety is a key area of legislation that has an impact on any franchise regardless of size even when employing just a single person. Adopting correct procedures in these key areas, is a far less costly and time-consuming route than things going wrong.


Our dedicated franchise service offers you an essential suite of employment law, HR and health & safety support. Helping you manage your responsibilities and enables you to spend less time worrying about workforce management for your franchise and more time building your business, generating revenue and protecting your brand.

Franchise Services

Put simply, we become your personal HR and health & safety team—dedicated to helping you to manage your employees and stay compliant. We will work with you to develop effective and up-to-date workforce policies and processes that are tailored to the franchise. Then we give you expert 24/7 telephone advice. So whatever challenges you or your managers face, you can be confident that you will get the practical legal advice you need, any time of day. Plus, you also get HR and health & safety software that makes day-to-day workforce management easy, keeping you on top of you responsibilities and save you time managing your employees. More about our franchise service


To support and protect your business, we offer: 

  • Tailored employment law and health & safety documents, including contracts, staff handbooks, employee safety handbooks, workplace policies, and personnel letters. 

  • 24/7 telephone advice, so all your questions are answered, any time of day. 

  • HR software that helps you store personnel records safely, plan rotas, approve holidays, track staff absences and store unlimited documents, making day-to-day people management easy. 

  • Health & safety software that supports you to with your risk assessments (including fire risk assessments, prepare and manage your responsibilities planner, record accidents, create action plans and assign staff responsibilities—all in one place, with a full audit history. 

  • Legal protection, which can cover legal representation, case preparation and your legal costs and awards (terms apply). 

  • Ongoing legislative updates, full access to e-learning HR training and regular reviews and updates of your documents to help keep you compliant with legislative changes.

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We are delighted to partner with Platinum Wave, and if you are interested in working with Peninsula , get in touch with us today.


Contact: David Plant


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