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A flaming hot opportunity! Over 26 years of franchising experience enables us to offer complete franchisee support, providing a turnkey solution.

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The Franchise Opportunity


About the brand

From customer-facing solutions to our extensive product offering, Galito’s is in the business of forging a strong impression through constant innovation. We have also partnered with chosen architects and store designers who have both local and international experience. Each site is tailored to suit the specific location and surrounding local community which sets Galito’s aside from the other more rigid brands.

Our core menu offers the solid foundation of traditional Galito’s trademark meals, along with  the adaptability of certain dishes to be uniquely suited to the area in which the store is located. Thus enabling us to satisfy any customer in any country around the world. Our Menu offerings cover Starters, Single meals, Family and Sharing meals as well as Specials and something for the Kids. Halal options are also available.

About You

We're incredibly excited to be rolling out the  experience across the UK and location.


South African attitude

Proud to be a South African brand with a global presence


Galito's signature sauces

signature African flavours in the form of our fiery Piri-Piri sauces and condiments.

Sound good? Get in touch on 0131 210 0351 or request your prospectus for more information!

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