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Thinking about franchising your business? 


Platinum Wave is here to help you get a better understanding of how franchising works and to explain the first steps of exploring how it might be a good fit for your business.


We are proud to be a Strategic Partner for our Action Coach colleagues and their clients and we promise to give you the best advice for you and your business.


Franchising isn't always the right way to go and there are a LOT of things to consider before jumping in with both feet. 

Don't be taken in by anyone who tells you franchising your business can be done quickly and cheaply - truth is, the most expensive way to franchise your business is not to get it right first time.

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Platinum Wave Franchising is a fully independent franchise consultancy firm accredited by the British Franchise Association and International Franchise Association. 


We have been building and selling franchises all over the world for more than 20 years. Our clients include some of the biggest brands in franchising, but we've also helped hundreds of SMEs across an array of sectors explore how franchising could be the right growth model for their national and international expansion ambitions. 


Before we do anything, we help you first establish if your business can be franchised, and then secondly should your business be franchised.

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