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Our Canadian-style bakeries bring a swirl of joy to our guests worldwide. Now looking for  a UK Master Franchisee or Area Developers. 

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The Franchise Opportunity


About the brand

Our Canadian-style bakeries bring a swirl of joy to our guests worldwide. We love the joy that comes from the delightful swirl of a Cinnzeo™ roll. 

Cinnzeo is the only concept in its category that guarantees a fresh, oven hot, hand mixed, hand rolled cinnamon roll. While all other brands have moved to frozen, machine-rolled products, Cinnzeo has remained consistent to the values our customers have embraced for 25 years.  We bake all day long to ensure the best guest experience.

The senior management team of Cinnzeo has a combined total of more than 60 years of excelling in the franchising world of coffee and cinnamon rolls. This gives our entire support team a unique perspective on the business that most concepts cannot provide.

About You

Franchise Investment

Please get in touch with us to discuss master franchise or area developer fees.

The following shows a range for initial investment to open a store:

  • Initial Franchise Fee: £17,500

  • Fit out costs: £150,000 - £200,000 depending on size and condition of store

  • Royalty fee: 6%

  • Marketing: 2%

*EBITDA: (in other regions that Cinnzeo operates) c20%



Ideal Franchise Partners


  • Master Franchisees / Area Developers of other franchise brands, with the experience and business infrastructure to develop the Cinnzeo brand in the UK

  • Successful companies already operating in the food retail sector where this would be a logical addition to their business portfolio and client base

  • Successful individuals with a proven track record of investing in and developing franchise businesses in the UK


Please note we are not offering any single unit opportunities at this time. Only applications for the UK master franchise licence or from experienced Area Developers will be considered.


Takeout boxes

The best tasting cinnamon rolls on Earth

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Cinnzeo Bakery Cafe

Kiosks, Mall Locations and Street Side locations

Sound good? Get in touch on 0131 210 0351 or request your prospectus for more information!

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