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Bageterie Boulevard

Bageterie Boulevard is a Prague-based company with more than 32 years of experience and a strong production background. The focus is on a successful franchise formula that strengthens both the franchisees and the BB brand. 

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The Franchise Opportunity

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About the brand

Bageterie Boulevard operates in multiple formats from high street store to food court to drive-through, giving opportunities for a wide range of footprints in prime locations.


In addition to our renowned freshly filled baguettes, the Bagaterie Boulevard brand

is associated with golden-baked patatas, thick creamy soups, homemade ice tea, yoghurt, fresh juice or a rich breakfast menu.

We regularly rotate our seasonal chef's menu, which is always inspired by the cuisine of a selected european or world region.

About You

We want to work with like-minded businesses and individuals that want to push boundaries and impact change, whilst having fun along the way and, of course, run successful businesses. Sound like you?

We are seeking strategic partners to serve as regional or national Master Franchisees. Our ideal partner is an established F&B restaurant operator capable of complementing our expertise with local knowledge and infrastructure.

  • You must have a track record of operating successful food service businesses across multiple sites

  • You will have a strong business infrastructure and operations team in the UK

  • You will work with us to implement our supply chain operation into the UK (everything can be supplied direct to you for the first 4 units)

  • You will agree to open 4 units within 30 months of the partnership commencing after which sub franchising can take place



Multiple format opportunities

From high street to drive-throughs


European Chef menus

Seasonal rotation of inspired cuisine

Sound good? Get in touch on 0131 210 0351 or register your interest for more information!

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