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Nichola Jude
Franchise Recruitment Consultant

If you look up recruitment consultant in the dictionary, there ought to be a picture of Nichola next to the definition. She’s astonishingly good at it, and that’s why we had to bring her into Team PW and Franchise Moves.


As our Senior Consultant, Nichola works on both franchisee recruitment and executive search, ensuring candidates have a positive and memorable experience as she supports and guides them through the recruitment process. 

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About Nichola

With more than 15 years’ experience understanding briefs and recruiting for diverse roles up to c-suite across a range of sectors, Nichola has a gift for quickly identifying candidates that are the perfect fit for our client’s opportunities.


Nichola is professional, empathetic, very funny, and represents each client with no less passion for the brand than the franchisors themselves!


Get in touch with Nichola to discuss franchisee recruitment and executive search.

0131 374 2393