We have eight restaurants serving more than a million guests every year and we’re on track to open a whole lot more. Monterey Jacks is so much more than the sign above the door – it’s a well-oiled, guest dazzling, hospitality express train perfected over many years and successfully replicated time and time again in carefully chosen locations. Our delivery and collection business is more popular than ever with guests ordering through our own app, website and with all the usual third party suspects.


Whether you’re looking for an exciting new franchise brand to add to your existing food service portfolio, or you have great sites with underperforming restaurants you’d like to replace, you’ve found the perfect multi-revenue streamed business model in Monterey Jacks!

So, what makes Monterey Jack’s the perfect restaurant franchise for 2021 and beyond?



  • We’ve opened 8 restaurants in 6 years ourselves (without the Covid restrictions we would be at 12) so we are a brand that’s on the way up with a proven business model and slick take away, collection and delivery options 


  • Many fantastic sites are now available across the UK – perhaps you already know of one in your area? Perhaps you have one but just can’t find the right brand to get the best from it? Monterey Jack’s offer a wide range of fit out options to work in the best locations of all shapes and sizes


  • Our franchise model has been a long time in development and our rollout ambitions are very realistic. We’re looking to partner with franchisees who can take full advantage of everything Monterey Jack’s has to offer and create a local hero of a restaurant in their own town that buzzes with fun & excitement (...and the sweet sound of busy cash registers!)


  • Monterey Jack’s is so successful because we have mastered the art of creating venues with mass market appeal that encourages loyal fans who come back time and time again (and usually with a bigger posse!)


  • Consistently great food and a menu that doesn’t force guests to order fries with everything and has low carb and innovative vegan options (we might be from the Old West, but we’re never stuck in the past...)


  • A dazzling cocktail menu where everything is £5.95 (you will sell a lot of these!)

Building a Monterey Jack’s takes commitment, skill and experience and we expect that our franchisees will likely be multi-unit restaurant operators with a clear track record of success.


We will also be looking for partners who share our dedication to customer service – we understand what keeps guests coming back for more, and we will expect you to share this passion.


Total costs will vary depending on size and location, however we will be looking for franchisees with liquid assets of £1M and the ambition to open at least 3 restaurants over an agreed time scale and in the right locations.


If you would like to talk to us about UK opportunities with Monterey Jack's please call us on 0131 664 1218 or drop us an email to