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Training Software for Franchise Networks

At last, software designed by a franchise for your franchise…

SmartPA are the leading providers of expert PA, Administrative and Business Support to businesses globally. The SmartPA Partnership provides an opportunity for Partners to run their own home based business, delivering SmartPA’s in-demand back office services.

All great franchises need a hook – the answer to the ‘why shouldn’t I just do this myself?’ question. For Smart PA it’s their training and support, so it stacks up that the manor in which they deliver it is impressive.

So why does this matter to you? Because their sLearning software and online systems are now available to you and your franchisees. It is tried and tested and designed by a franchisor to run a large, geographically diverse franchise network. Sound like the software you’ve been waiting for?

Let’s look at the facts:

SmartPA are a global company that provide an outsourced administrative service. With a growing team of over 170 SmartPA Partners they required technology which would allow them to:

  • Continue to scale the organisation without reducing the quality and effectiveness of training programme
  • Ability to report on what training modules have been started, completed and passed
  • Visibility to ensure all compliance, legal and composure modules and notifications have been read, understood and completed
  • Enhance the SmartPA community spirit and collaboration

Sounds like a wish list for any growing franchise network. SmartPA’s answer? They created sLearning.

sLearning means the franchisor can:

  • Issue compulsory and non-compulsory information and modules whilst reporting on the results
  • Validate what users have read and most importantly understood
  • Ensure the user cannot bypass a key learning or information point without fully understanding before progressing through the programme
  • Issue daily success stories, best practice, company updates and trends
  • Allow the networking to communicate directly in a safe environment
  • Reduce training administration time by 40%
  • As sLearning is a cloud based solution, the entire SmartPA global organisation are able to access the platform regardless of time zone


By using the features such as the messaging board functionality, the training team are able to engage with their community and form a more cohesive network. The message board allows partners to discuss success stories from networking events and post questions they want answered quickly or are urgent directly onto the message board which sends an automatic alert to the Head Office team.


sLearning has allowed the training team to accommodate a larger number of Partners than the previous in-house system. The training team now have easy access to engagement and learning trends across the organisation and can easily qualify standards. The detailed reporting allows the team to review any content gaps and continuously improve training.


It was of paramount importance to our business growth that we found a bespoke platform solution capable of supporting our global community, whilst providing training at the highest levels of excellence. Creating sLearning has allowed us to achieve not only this, but it provides such a comprehensive reporting solution that we have been able to identify key areas for additional development which, having been identified and addressed, have lead to exponential growth across the business and an increase in delivery standard beyond our expectations.” – Andrew Wright, CEO SmartPA


The implications of using sLearning for any franchise network seem clear:

  • Keep your training in-house, organised, traceable and easily implementable
  • Save time and money
  • Improve network performance through better and more consistent training


Want to know more?

Contact Suzie McCafferty on 0131 664 1218 or suzie@platinumwave.co.uk